Random Sequence Of Letters

Chilling Effect

My wife and I have been bathing our two young children together for the past few months, resulting in a whole range of amusement and mayhem. She recently asked me to take some pictures and videos of the splashing and giggling, which I did.. briefly.

Our photos are uploaded automatically to a cloud service. It is "private", and very convenient for sharing within the immediate family and, selectively, to others outside. However, being in the cloud, it is not under our full control. There is no "cloud", merely other people's machines, as the saying goes. I thought about who might have access and what sorts of misunderstanding might arise from such pictures and, in my paranoia, expunged them shortly after.

Our children bathing is an entirely innocent and joyful activity, but such is the reality of mass, pervasive, indiscriminate surveillance. I cannot help but be saddened by what we've become.