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Triumph of The AeroPress

There's something particularly satisfying about a simple, cheap, easy to acquire device that does the job better than the complex, expensive, fancy one. Such is the case of the AeroPress coffee maker. A surprisingly elegant way to make an outstanding cup of coffee with minimal fuss. The taste rivals the fanciest of grind-and-brew espresso machines, even in blind taste tests with discerning connoiseurs.

While I am not myself much of a coffee snob, I have found that I do prefer the taste of an AeroPress cup made by me, to my own liking. It remains superior to any of the other methods I have explored. It is hard to pinpoint the particular special flavour, but it seems to be a pleasant combination of fullness and richness of flavour with minimal bitterness. A properly made espresso is wonderful too, but I still find the AeroPress preferable overall.

Of course, blogs extolling the virtues of this form of coffee making are a dime a dozen, so I won't say much more about it. However, do read this fascinating article about the origin of the device, and its inventor, who is also known for inventing.. the Aerobie frisbee. Yes, really. There's also an interesting interview with said inventor with some helpful advice on tasty coffee-making.