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Penguin Prison

One of the downsides of becoming older and unhip has been losing touch with the musical world. When I was in high school, I had regular access to a wide range of new and interesting material through multiple vectors. Between CHMR, the student-run radio station at Memorial University in St. John's, the mod and demoscene, and, well, my friends, there was a constant influx to explore.

Though I never lost that appetite for music, I did gradually lose touch with those methods of discovery. Recently, thankfully, I've experienced somewhat of a resurgence thanks to Rdio, Soundcloud, Bandcamp, and new coworkers and friends. Rdio has been a boon in particular due to working in an "open concept" environment, virtually requiring headphones with music through the day simply to tune out the bustle of the workspace.

One artist I have been introduced to via a friend and now-former coworker is Penguin Prison. I'm not really sure what to make of him in general - he composes, sings and produces everything himself as best as I can tell, which is now feasible given modern technology. My initial impression was "Michael Jackson overproduced", oddly - funky and vocal, with a flavouring of 1980's, but modern in production.

There are now some new singles floating around, however I suggest the following trio from the his self-titled album Penguin Prison: